Have The Talk!

Have the ‘talk’ with your children – the talk covers a range of issues from the birds and the bees, to sitting in the trees. Talk about everything, absolutely EVERYTHING. Don’t let your children learn it all on the streets – the harshest place to learn anything. This video just brings it home how hurtful comments and attempts at bullying can be; and that is why our children must be armed with their values and some ‘fly-away’ templates for dealing with ‘silly’ people. If you don’t have values then you need to get some – please don’t leave your children without defence or protection.  Why should a child feel unsure of who he or she is because of the comments of someone so ignorant? (Maybe because the work wasn’t put in at home.) That’s why we need to prepare our children for dealing with the public as early as possible; but more importantly, it helps to stop them from feeling vulnerable if you can just sit down with your child at least once a week ,and have a series of ‘talks.’ You will be surprised how many topics you can cover within 45 minutes.  #Parenting


How To Start The Day Well

A Healthy Breakfast

To start the day well, get up and clean your teeth, getting rid of all the gunk that has gathered in your mouth over the course of the night. Then break your fast (sleep: a night of rest without food) with a short Meditation ritual. You can pray if you are religious, but if you are not then you can do what is appropriate for you; like the following: Relaxing in a comfortable position, with your brain fully switched on and your eyes wide shut. Just try to clear your mind (whichever works for you) for 5 mins straight before getting up and doing a few stretches. Nothing too strenuous; just a few exercises to motivate the body to want what’s best for itself.

Then Have a hot bath or shower, and dry up, get dressed, and sit down for breakfast.

Health Tips

One full Pint glass of water, drink half of it before the breakfast to ensure that during your breakfast, you will get full at the correct time. A healthy breakfast consisting of cereal, or something similar to what I ate, in the image above, is appropriate. While eating or immediately after you have eaten the breakfast, drink half a glass of juice, then finish the rest of the (half, now) Pint of water.

Well done. You should need to empty your bowels before you leave for the day, but one thing for sure – you will not strip your body of the essential nutrients and you should have plenty of energy. And the water you drank before the meal would have set the ball in motion for a different kind of motion.

Freshen Up

Go to the Bathroom to freshen up, this may include taking another bath, or having a wash; but definitely cleaning your teeth again – this time with a small pea-size of toothpaste to wash your tongue, and only water (this time) to re-clean your teeth. Teeth-cleaning should be done after every meal – with water – but only twice a day (morning and evening) with toothpaste.

The Presentation Cloth

LaRoudoute Tablecloth

Every item (or even meal) that I create, is presented in impeccable style. I take a photo of each creation and present it using my pretty anti-stain table cover as a prop. It is just so pretty that I even bought the Napkins so that I can carry them around from room to room while capturing my creations in the best possible light. Then I make a record of what I did and how I did it. I love the designing but I particularly love the presentation. I picked up this beautiful tablecloth from LaRedoute.

Making Memories

Painted Hands

It’s nice to make memories with your loved ones – and the happier ones – the better. When my little girl was 5, I’d say: “Did you have a good time!” And she’d respond: “No!” I’d then get out my little camera and show her the images I’d taken of her. She’d been laughing so hard, throwing her head back, belly laughs, twinkles in her eyes; here were shots of her having the time of her life. Then I’d say: “Look at how happy you look!” She is my youngest child, so after being fussed over by everyone – she can behave in a little ‘spoiled’ manner at times. I marvel as everyone watches me doing my best to put her in her place. Being gentle but consistent at my approach is the key to getting it right. Hopefully she’ll remember the little lessons I’ve taught her – and she’ll grow up grateful and well-balanced. #Parenting

Making Memories

To aid my children in making memories and the creation of legacies, I teach my children about branding their environment. I tell them to always present themselves well, but also to take good pictures and create for themselves many special little ‘picture-perfect’ places within the home. Clean your living areas, and this should encourage your children to keep them clean too! If your home is luxurious, – brilliant, but if not, then go for shabby chic. This is the next best thing to having a luxurious home. Shabby chic involves keeping your cracking, creaking and shabby living quarters clean and tidy, but also strategically decorated with eye-catching little fixtures and fittings, and adorable treasures that transform your home from drool to cool. The unique the better.

A nice, friendly, homely, and pleasant environment will always make you feel appreciative every time you look at your memories. Now when I enter my children’s rooms I have noticed they have really smart looking corners where they consistently take some great images and selfies. This, prompted by me, encourages them to clean their rooms on time, keeping it tidy for longer, and ensuring they have a nice place to take some great camera ready shots for their creations. Believe it or not, being snappy-happy does not only increase a child’s confidence, and keep them focused, but the making of memories can foster appreciation and coordination – the undervalued key to organisation.

Creating Legacies and Making Memories

Creating Legacies is important to afford you the unique opportunity to record your place in history. Being extraordinary is not beyond you – it’s within you.

From now until the end of time – this simple piece of advice is always going to serve you well. Always present yourself, manners, gestures, appearance and presentation in the best possible way that you can. There is always a right way to do things, and more than 101 different methods. With my blog, I’ll show you some of my favourite methods, actions and Candy Cotton Dreams. – Elesessa Endersen

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Photo Editing Tools

PicMonkey is a free photo editor that works in your browser — nothing to download or install. Fix your photos and add beautiful filters and text. Touch up facial features or create outstanding graphics. Ridiculously easy, staggeringly gorgeous. – PicMonkey

I love this photo-editing programme, I use it for everything I do. It supports me in making my creations nicely. I was introduced to it by my children, who use it to create their own digital art; prior to that, they were using Picnik, a similar tool that was eventually purchased by Google. PicMonkey arrived soon-after, and definitely a better version. It’s fair to say that my digital editing world – wouldn’t be the same without it. I have paid the small fee for the annual upgrade and it has some awesome tools that will keep you creating for years. Get to know PicMonkey today!

Please feel free to suggest or recommend any other services in the comment box. There is plenty of room for choice.


WordPress is a free and open-source tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites. – Wikipedia, 2015

I trust and like WordPress to create posts about anything and everything. The decision to become a blogger was not taken lightly. I also like the sincerity of the WordPress community – it’s respectable and peaceful. You can put yourself out there without appearing desperate for attention. There is no rush with when you work inside the WordPress platform – it feels like time is on your side; and for me, that’s an important commodity.

I created eighteen different sites before I decided to set up Candy Cotton Dreams, and I have re-designed my website and blog seven times. You have to know what you want before you settle, and I am one of those people who are not content until I feel really emotional about it. That’s why it took me so long to decide on something I wanted to really leave a legacy with. I feel very emotional about my Candy Cotton Dreams blog, it has the right amount of ‘me’ inside it. The randomness of Sessa, the perfect blend of pinks that reflect the colours that represent my girls and I, and a shade my sons would feel confident wearing. Today, I am really excited about my blogging journey. I feel like I’m all set to make an even bigger impact in the world.

I’d encourage everyone to write a blog today, it’s a great way to record your place in history, in your own words. How powerful you can feel when you don’t have to care what people say about you, especially because you know that it’s only true when it comes from your lips; your blog can be your friend and public relations manager. And if history records the version of the winner – what are you waiting for? You deserve, as much as anyone else, the right to share your story.

Something deep and lightly philosophical for you to think about today. 🙂