Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance | Elesessa Endersen

It is important for us, as a human beings, to understand who we are and our place in this world. We must have something we believe in and we must know that the world is filled with people who are not who they say they are. It is important because such people exist in all cultures, ethnicities and religions, and not just the examples I have listed. These are just random examples. The reality is there are far more excesses of human aggression, violence, mass-murder and genocide than I could possible list in a Be Happy post. My intention is not to make you unhappy but to encourage you to consider your life, your education, your future and your personal belief system. If you are ignorant, shallow, racist, and a hypocrite…you will indeed be contributing to your own miserable existence. This is why it is important that you find out who you really are. If you are as bad as the examples I have stated – you know that in order to improve your life today – you must change your behaviour. Do not worry, have perspective, open your mind and find and/or understand your personal belief system. This is all you need to do to benefit from a Be Happy! post.

They were not who they thought they were

In the days of slavery, Black people were victims of the evil atrocities inflicted on them by White people. The White people believed that the Black people were dirty, undignified, uncivilised, and carried diseases.  Black people were considered filthy and should be treated like farm animals. The Black Race were told that they were bad people who will never be accepted in society – because they are inhuman and not real people. All black people were rounded up and enslaved. They were beaten and subjected to torment so horrid that it can only be described as evil. Many Black people who could not live with the pain of the torture committed suicide and others were killed in order to instil fear in the remaining slaves. These cruel and barbaric acts were carried out by or at the order of the Caucasian Masters – people who firmly believed that they were good and civilised White Human Beings. This was a state of their cognitive dissonance. Who they really were did not reflect their core beliefs and values. White society roamed the Earth as if they were accepting their reign as the superior Race, however, for many uneducated, and ignorant White people, it wasn’t a state of belief that being White was the superior Race; rather, it was considered that Black people were not Human Beings. Their beliefs were so conflicted and it could not be explained by the White Race, in particular, how these Slave Masters and others could view Black people as inhuman and alien creatures but…as in many cases…subject these so-called black female creatures to rape and in some cases deep sexual relationships. The reality is, the White people were evil – but evil can be cured with patience, love, and understanding. It takes time but it can happen. Just look around you, the evidence is here today. Evil is now the ignorant and outdated phenomena. Today, anyone who lives and thinks with ignorance as their main function, is deemed as severely excluded and a minority in a world of intelligent people. That’s progress!

They are not who they say they are

Today, many governments but in particular those governments in underdeveloped countries, are knee-deep in corruption. The money that could save a whole nation from being wiped out by disease and poverty is being spent by government officials who appear not to care about their own people. Africa has one of the worst reputations of corruption at it’s most evil, with Politicians, it is believed, having more money in at least 10 different bank accounts than any Western corrupt leader could even dream about. Many of these African Politicians can be regularly seen in Church praising God as if they were the most noble people in the world. Meanwhile, out in the street is the real church – a country full of the issues they are apparently praying about – a whole nation full of sick, suffering human beings waiting for a miracle. And to compound matters, the justice system does not exist for poor people, as whole countries are run with a ‘pay as you go’ system where those who have the money to bribe are the only people with access to justice. For those ‘described’ people who are managing their country while living in a corrupt manner; they are living in conflict with their beliefs, and are suffering from cognitive dissonance.

The reality

The above examples are of people who behave or behaved in a way unsupported by their belief system. These are people who sowed or are sowing seeds of discord in the world and whatever they believe is going to be available to them in their after-life. We are talking about evil actions that cannot be excused or justified by any stretch of the imagination., but the actions reported are carried out with no care for consequence. Such behaviour is the worst of the worst this world has to offer and the legacy of such atrocities have gone unpunished. In the case of the White atrocities against Black People – how could the White Slave Master and others believe they were good people while carrying out such atrocities? How could it be justified that these disgusting creatures they believed were not human were Human enough to have regular sexual interaction with? What did that say about the belief system of the White person and what does it say about the legacy that White people must live with today? Those old time buffoons have left a terrible legacy for White people today to clean up after. Now consider the African Corruption and abuse of their fellow country members – how can these people call themselves Christians when their faith is based on Love. They are not loving their own people and they are not acting in any Christ-like manner. These are clear cases of people behaving in a manner that is unsupported by their personal and religious belief system.

Today, consider the impact YOU are having on your world and whether the image you are portraying is supported by your personal belief system. This is something you can work on as often as is necessary as you embark upon this Be Happy! post. You cannot be happy if you are living a life that does not support your personal belief system.


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