Photo Editing Tools

PicMonkey is a free photo editor that works in your browser — nothing to download or install. Fix your photos and add beautiful filters and text. Touch up facial features or create outstanding graphics. Ridiculously easy, staggeringly gorgeous. – PicMonkey

I love this photo-editing programme, I use it for everything I do. It supports me in making my creations nicely. I was introduced to it by my children, who use it to create their own digital art; prior to that, they were using Picnik, a similar tool that was eventually purchased by Google. PicMonkey arrived soon-after, and definitely a better version. It’s fair to say that my digital editing world – wouldn’t be the same without it. I have paid the small fee for the annual upgrade and it has some awesome tools that will keep you creating for years. Get to know PicMonkey today!

Please feel free to suggest or recommend any other services in the comment box. There is plenty of room for choice.


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