Making Memories

Painted Hands

It’s nice to make memories with your loved ones – and the happier ones – the better. When my little girl was 5, I’d say: “Did you have a good time!” And she’d respond: “No!” I’d then get out my little camera and show her the images I’d taken of her. She’d been laughing so hard, throwing her head back, belly laughs, twinkles in her eyes; here were shots of her having the time of her life. Then I’d say: “Look at how happy you look!” She is my youngest child, so after being fussed over by everyone – she can behave in a little ‘spoiled’ manner at times. I marvel as everyone watches me doing my best to put her in her place. Being gentle but consistent at my approach is the key to getting it right. Hopefully she’ll remember the little lessons I’ve taught her – and she’ll grow up grateful and well-balanced. #Parenting

Making Memories

To aid my children in making memories and the creation of legacies, I teach my children about branding their environment. I tell them to always present themselves well, but also to take good pictures and create for themselves many special little ‘picture-perfect’ places within the home. Clean your living areas, and this should encourage your children to keep them clean too! If your home is luxurious, – brilliant, but if not, then go for shabby chic. This is the next best thing to having a luxurious home. Shabby chic involves keeping your cracking, creaking and shabby living quarters clean and tidy, but also strategically decorated with eye-catching little fixtures and fittings, and adorable treasures that transform your home from drool to cool. The unique the better.

A nice, friendly, homely, and pleasant environment will always make you feel appreciative every time you look at your memories. Now when I enter my children’s rooms I have noticed they have really smart looking corners where they consistently take some great images and selfies. This, prompted by me, encourages them to clean their rooms on time, keeping it tidy for longer, and ensuring they have a nice place to take some great camera ready shots for their creations. Believe it or not, being snappy-happy does not only increase a child’s confidence, and keep them focused, but the making of memories can foster appreciation and coordination – the undervalued key to organisation.


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