Have The Talk!

Have the ‘talk’ with your children – the talk covers a range of issues from the birds and the bees, to sitting in the trees. Talk about everything, absolutely EVERYTHING. Don’t let your children learn it all on the streets – the harshest place to learn anything. This video just brings it home how hurtful comments and attempts at bullying can be; and that is why our children must be armed with their values and some ‘fly-away’ templates for dealing with ‘silly’ people. If you don’t have values then you need to get some – please don’t leave your children without defence or protection.  Why should a child feel unsure of who he or she is because of the comments of someone so ignorant? (Maybe because the work wasn’t put in at home.) That’s why we need to prepare our children for dealing with the public as early as possible; but more importantly, it helps to stop them from feeling vulnerable if you can just sit down with your child at least once a week ,and have a series of ‘talks.’ You will be surprised how many topics you can cover within 45 minutes.  #Parenting


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